Joey Loman

SynergyMill Cofounder, entrepreneur inventor, craftsman, rum smuggler, mechanic, bon vivant, artist, renaissance man, cow killer, video producer, foodie, musician, and peaceful observer.

"SynergyMill is a bustling, diverse community where stories are shared, inspiration spreads, curiosity is ignited, and ideas become tangible. Hobbies become entrepreneurial startup businesses. We lower the barrier to tools, materials, and knowledge in a permissive friendly environment. The adventure begins when your motivation meets our makerspace workshop."

Cheyney Rose |

Artist & Craftswoman Specializing in One-of-a-kind, Hand-cut, Hand-dyed, Hand-bound Books

“Without SynergyMill, I’d be unable to run my small business. As a recent college grad, I was unable to invest in big equipment like saws, laser engravers, and Cricut machines. SynergyMill provides the equipment I need to make art for my business and experiment with new crafts & product ideas! The Mill has a great community of artisans who support each other. Last year, I lost my father who was my greatest resource. He helped me develop my ideas and build the things I wanted. Having a community at SynergyMill to answer my questions has helped me hone my craft and cope with that loss. It’s been an invaluable resource that I am incredibly grateful for. Become a member! Joining SynergyMill is the best thing I’ve done for myself this year! You will grow as an artist or craftsperson within a great supportive community!”

David Connor |

Custom Bike Builder; Avid Cyclist

“I currently work as a structural engineer, but my true passion is cycling. About 1.5 years ago I discovered an entire "culture" of makers and fabricators who build their own bike frames and have grown successful businesses by building custom bikes for others. It provides a much better customer experience for cyclists. That was the moment I said, “Hey, I want to do this,” but I didn’t know how big an endeavor it would be. Building bike frames is difficult and requires a lot of expensive tools and machinery. You also need a lot of space for all the equipment, which I don’t have at my house. I was about to give up on the idea until I stumbled upon SynergyMill. It had everything I needed to build my own frame. It has the space and all the proper tools from welding equipment to a milling machine, and a metal lathe! If it wasn’t for SynergyMill, I wouldn’t be able to complete my bike frame project and ultimately launch my custom-bike-building business! Renting a workshop and purchasing the tools and machinery would be cost-prohibitive for a startup like mine. It also enables you to meet people with different knowledge and skillsets who can help you with your creative endeavors! Not only will you be able to complete your challenging projects, but you will also learn valuable new skills in the process. Become a member, you won’t regret it!”

Christie Geiger |

Artist & Craftswoman Specializing in custom cigar related accessories

"SynergyMill has helped me launch my cigar accessories business by providing the tools I need to make my products."