Live Cams and Video

New cameras are coming soon!

Watch the activity in the workshop! 

Well, it was good while it worked.  

Up to now we have been privileged to enjoy the infamous Google Dropcam cameras and NEST service.  The bad news is the service is being discontinued and the cameras are turning into fancy little bricks on April 8th.

We are sad to lose the feature.

But, we're looking into replacement cams and a streaming system that will put the entertainment back online. Sorry for the inconvenience and the disappointment of no camera joy.

We'll be back with it shortly. Thanks for your patience! In the mean time, we will post some videos here from events and the workshop.


Feb 2024 Maker Spotlight

SynergyMill features a local Greenville maker at the monthly Maker Spotlight. Our February guest was Tom Strange from the Sigal Music Museum. Tom recreated a replica harpsicord that he extrapolated from the first known sculpture of the instrument.