Live Cams and Video

New cameras are under test!

Watch the activity in the workshop! 

We're testing some new cams and some new software. It's looking promising. Hopefully, you'll see some live shots here soon and we'll be adding cameras as we progress. The software we're testing is AnyCam.IO and the camera under test is an SV3C wireless Ipcam.

Let us know what you think.


Feb 2024 Maker Spotlight

SynergyMill features a local Greenville maker at the monthly Maker Spotlight. Our February guest was Tom Strange from the Sigal Music Museum. Tom recreated a replica harpsicord that he extrapolated from the first known sculpture of the instrument.

SynergyMill test Camera 1

June 4, 2024

Here's the first camera test with a local hosted AnyCam.IO server. This stream may or may not be functional so lower your expectations.